Quick Hits: Best of 2013 Edition

2013 was a really great year. I released my book Braised Blue: Year One which was based on this very blog you are reading and you can get that in numerous places which this link will tell you about. There was also lots of great popular culture that happened and this is the blog post where you can find all kinds of stuff to watch/listen to. Just as a warning I will be doing each category with a randomly drawn card which will give me the amount of words I can write. No matter the silliness or nonsensical nature of these reviews, I fully endorse all these shows, films and podcasts. So without further ado I will stop prosing on without moving the article forward. Enjoy! 

Film*: I have to admit I have not been the greatest movie goer this year. These are the films that made my list and this list my change when I see more movies but the five on this list are all ones I loved and will see again in a heartbeat. 7 of Hearts.

1. Frances Ha: Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, Black and White.

2. The Way Way Back: Jim Rash, Nat Faxon, Great Summer Film.

3. The World’s End: Pegg, Frost, Wright, Robot Means Slave, Aliens!

4. Nebraska: Alex Payne, Bruce Dern, Slow Burning Classic.

5. The Place Beyond The Pines: Ryan Gosling, Motorcycle Bank Robber, Enough Said.

Podcasts: There are lots of podcasts, like WTF With Marc Maron, which are always great and interesting.  This list kind of gives you my favourite shows to listen to consistently but also podcasts which are doing different things with the medium. And the card is Jack of Clubs. 10 Words.  

1. The Todd Glass Show: One of the funniest, silliest, most joyful podcasts, right now.

2. RadioLab: Science has never been presented in a better/smarter way. 

3. The Decoder Ring: Canada’s best serialized Radioplay. Seriously check the damn thing out.

4. Harmontown: The Jim Belushi episode gave me a headache from laughing.

5. Walking The Room: Pet Painkillers, Rehab, Pants, Oprah, Solar Power does not exist.

Television: Television had some big ups and downs this year and you can read about it in this article here. This list is, again, my favourite things in television and it doesn’t mean this is the best things on TV. It’s just what I like best. And my card is an 8 of Hearts.

1. Breaking Bad: Walter White finishes strong, Exciting doesn’t explain it.

2. Boardwalk Empire: Good things will come to those who wait.

3. Masters of Sex: Lizzy Caplin is must see TV. Watch This.

4. Parks and Recreation: Andy in England, Accountant Parties, Bachelor Party Hijinx.

5. Girls: Patrick Wilson episode was perfect. Adam Driver Wins.

6. Orange Is The New Black: Best New Series, Jenji Kohan topped Weeds already.

7. Veep: Dave Foley for best guest star Emmy award.

8. The Americans: In Soviet Russia, hair changes Felicity. Margo Martindale.

9.  Justified: Raylen is still an asshole. Great Bad Guys.

10. Mad Men: As depressing as a series can get. Great Ending.

*I’ve yet to see American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street or 12 Years a Slave and I assume these are contenders but I’m not sure if those movies will appeal to me as much as the five I listed.