Recipe: Egg In The Hole

Sometimes just having eggs, bread, butter, salt and pepper is enough to make a great, hearty breakfast. The egg is a hole* was something my mom showed me to make when I was a kid, but it’s not as simple as it’s sparse ingredient list may lead you to believe.


2 slices of Bread (I like using a thick sliced Sour Dough)

2 Eggs


Sea Salt

Black Pepper


First and foremost you need to heat your pan properly (medium/low). A pan that is too hot will burn the bread and make the dish inedible and a pan that is not hot enough will almost steam the bread and the egg will not integrate into the bread properly during the cooking process. You then need to butter your bread on both sides. You want to cut a hole in the bread creating a hole that is at least 2 inches square but that depends on the size of the bread.  Using the cut out pieces of bread test the heat of your pan. If the bread goes golden brown in about 3 minutes that will that the pan is at the right heat. You then put your bread slices into the pan with a little extra butter to make sure you get some nice crisp on the bread. You want to brown your first side and then flip the bread**. After browning the second side, you then carefully crack your egg into the bread hole, also add your salt and pepper into the raw egg. The egg should cook pretty quickly and when it begins to congeal flip the bread/egg very carefully as to not break the yolk. Cook the egg through on the other side and get the yolk to where you like its consistency.

*Aka Frog in the Hole or Egg in The Basket.

**Most people just plop the egg into the bread right away. Years of trial and error has taught me that, this method really makes the bread too soggy and the bread never gets crispy.