Sports Bites: Concussions, Bullying, Weakness, Oh My!…Part 1


The more I watch professional sports the less I want to continue watching them.

It’s not about players making too much money, because who can blame someone for making as much money as they can with their skills. It’s also not about the commercialism, I get it, you are giving us a product(football) and we pay for the product by hearing Dennis Leary pretend he is a truck that may force its self upon you if you have a few too many Zimas. It’s not about athletes today being corporate mouth pieces who never really say anything of value. I am 31, what do I care about what a concussed 22 year old from the Ozarks has to say? The problem I see is that sports have hit the point where I cannot even make an ironic joke about Caesar and the colosseum. As a people, we’ve seen this play out in history to horrible ends and we just want to be entertained and clearly we are so bankrupt as a culture that we are willing to turn a blind eye to the exploitative nature of what entertains us.

I stopped watching hockey years ago because I frankly find it mind numbingly boring*. It’s a limited game that rewards effort over strategy and tactics, and refuses to really quantify how much luck goes into what can happen game to game, series to series and season to season. Hockey is fucking dumb, and I have no problem saying it, because all sports are dumb in the grand scheme of things, but hockey is just way dumber than any other sport. The biggest advancement in hockey in the past 25 years is goalies figuring out that if they wear bigger pads they will stop more pucks**.  Wayne Gretzky was considerably more intelligent than his peers because he figured out that running an offence from behind the net would trump all the current defensive strategies known to the game at that time. Is hockey fun to play?…absolutely. But I am not going to waste another second of my life watching it.  And now I am at the edge of being done with football.

This weekend I spent my sunday watching football and speculating on whether or not penalty flags should or should not have been thrown. Was that hit high? How does defensive holding become somehow more arbitrary than offensive holding? How the fuck didn’t he complete the catch there? The NFL has gotten to the point where I hear new rules and new descriptions and interpretations of these rules every week. If hockey is your slow witted uncle who is prone to fits of slightly entertaining rage, football has become your super conservative, annoyingly pedantic brother-in-law who’s fits of rage seem a little forced for how much money he is making.

The biggest problems sports are faced today are three fold but also one in the same, concussions, bullying and weakness.

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