Sports Bites: NFL Week 12 Pick

It’s week 12 and I’ve stopped caring because I am so bad at this, this year. I am actually picking the opposite way than I mean to pick while trying to talk myself into these horrible decisions. Enjoy.

Pittsburgh +1 over Cleveland:

Cleveland at home against Pittsburgh is going to be close but I like Big Ben and La’veon Bell in the cold weather. Cleveland is a tough team but I don’t see them moving the ball against Pittsburgh well enough to win this one. I will take Big Ben over Jason Campbell but it should be a fun game if you like say, “oh that one must have stung.”

Carolina -5 over Miami:

Carolina’s front seven is going to own Miami and Cam Newton is going to lead his team to an easy win. So easily in fact, that they are going to shit down Miami’s throats and kill them.. n-words.*

Kansas City -4 over San Diego:

Even though San Diego has been much better than I expected the Chiefs should roll after losing last week on the road in Denver. It’s also a cold weather game which should be an advantage to KC. This should also be a fun one to watch if you like hits that sting.

Oakland +3 over Tennessee:

Tennessee is banged up and Oakland looks to be frisky this season. I am all for frisky over banged up. Plus Tennessee isn’t going to win this game by much if they do.

NYG -3 over Dallas:

Dallas can’t rush the passer and can’t cover revivers. This is a problem if you’re playing football. The Giants have showed some life in the last couple week and I will take them because I just can’t handle ever picking Dallas again.**

*It’s cool guys Braised Blue is an honorary N-Word so I am allowed to say that. It’s also great that the Miami players are so post racism because the state of florida doesn’t have young black men murdered because of their race ever.

**I mean this week I can’t see myself taking Dallas. Who knows what is going on in the NFC east at this point other than RG3 sucking more than Subway sucks.