For Your Consideration: Taco Tony

Leamington has a tough time in front of them with the closure of the Heinz plant but things aren’t all bad. Leamington is still home to one of the best Mexican eateries in the area. Taco Tony is a humble but comfortable place to get authentic mexican street food, while watching a football match or telemundo on the wall mounted televisions. This authenticity extends beyond the food, the staff is welcoming and patient, the customer base is a mix of Mexican migrant workers, mennonite farmers and people seeking lunch from local businesses. It’s truly a place where good food levels the socio-economic class found in Leamington. Rich, poor, or in-between Taco Tony’s food draws and that is the true indicator of a great eatery.

Now that Walkermole has become The Willistead, Taco Tony and Palenque are the two places that I really love to get Mexican food in Windsor and Essex County. Palenque is a more upscale level of food while Taco Tony is more simple mexican street food that explodes with flavour and won’t hurt your wallet.

When I go to Taco Tony I come with a plan. First is the Cow tongue burrito, cow tongue for the uninitiated can be the most tender and flavourful meat you can prepare if you know what you are doing. Tony can make that tongue sing. The burrito is smothered in queso fresca, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes but here is the best tip I can give you. Don’t get the large burrito because it’s huge and you want to also order the chicken flautas, and the shrimp tostada.

The chicken flautas are like a mini burrito deep fried like a summer roll with amazing marinated chicken. Topped with guacamole, lettuce, sour cream and refried beans. They are little but they pack a big punch of flavour. The shrimp tostada consists of shrimp civeche perched on a crispy tortilla with avocado, onion, tomatoes and sour cream. If you were to go to a high end Mexican eatery this would be a $15 appetizer but at Taco Tony’s it will run you about 5 bucks.

Overall Taco Tony isn’t a place where you’re going to take a date (unless they are big fans of mexican cuisine) but if you find yourself in Leamington you should bypass the dearth of chain restaurants and give Taco Tony a try. You will thank me later.