Barley Sandwich: Reviews From A Beer Snob vol. 6

I have actually been pretty slack on the beer drinking of late but as the winter makes it way here I end up drinking more of everything so here are three very tasty beers from Toronto, Windsor and Kalamazoo.*

Mill Street Vanilla Porter:

I tried this for the first time at Trivia night at Villians Beastro in Windsor and man was I impressed. I was not expecting much as I find Mill Street’s quality has taken a little tumble in the past couple years but this is a super smooth porter with just a tiny hint of Vanilla. It really just drinks like a nice Porter and not a flavoured beer. It was refreshing to see a geared back take on a flavoured beer. The beer poured black with a healthy head that had some real staying power. The vanilla comes through on the nose but with notes of chocolate and coffee. Flavour wise the carbonation was really fine and champagne like which was nice and the beer had a nice bitter backbone with some sweeter elements which lingered.

Walkerville Brewery IPA:

Walkerville Brewery has done a really great job in snatching the long vacated crown of Best Windsor Brewery. A crown vacated by a brand of the same name. Walkerville’s seeming success is fantastic but it also begs the question of why there hasn’t been any real challengers other than Motor Burger. Windsorites are clearly thirsty for local suds. The IPA from Walkerville is a solid brew, my standards for IPAs have been unfairly thrown way out of whack by my five years in the Alberta liquor market and time travelling the west coast of the United States and Canada. It’s rare for an IPA to really blow my mind but Walkerville does an admirable job. There is some nice citrusy bitterness which provides a nice through line for the notes of fresh baked bread, and malty sweetness. The beer then ends quickly with a bitter twinge which is clean and refreshing.

Bell’s Best Brown Ale:

The pride of Kalamazoo, Bell’s Brewery is one of America’s hidden craft brewing gems. While Founders brewing gets much of the national acclaim for Michigan brewing Bell’s has domes things a little more quietly and in turn they have snatched the title of Braised Blue’s favourite Michigan Craft Brewery. The Best Brown Ale really backs up my feelings on how this brewery makes great beers.  Brown Ales can be a tricky style to perfect, usually they are made overly sweet(Big Rock Traditional) or a little to mellow (Newcastle Brown Ale) but sometimes you find one that really captures the delicate mouthfeel of a brown ale with some powerful flavour.  Bell’s Best Brown Ale hits all the right notes**, with big  semi sweet, caramel hints which are tempered with dark notes of bakers chocolate and just a little bit of dried fruit lingering on the finish this beer is a winner. I would honour my best chili recipe with some of this beer and then drink 10 more with the chili. Kudos!

*Imagine this being said with my best worst Johnny Carson impression.

**Man does that sentence suck.

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