Sports Bites: NFL Week 11 Lines

So after missing last week because of a trip to St Catharines to see friends, I am back and I feel weirdly confident that these picks are going to do better than the %40 I’ve been hitting at all season long. I am also trusting the Lions which is a huge step that will probably horribly backfire. So here they are.

Atlanta over Tampa “Pick Em”

Tampa is terrible and why would they try and win when they are ahead in the Clownin’ For Clowney sweepstakes. Also there are alleged reports of Roddy White being able to play football again.

Detroit -3 over Pittsburg

Detroit is not a good football team. They can’t close a game, they take dumb penalties, they turn the ball over all the time but they seem to have 53 horseshoes up their asses and will probably win the division. Pittsburg is terrible and Big Ben is going to get hit all game long. I am ready to be wrong on this one but it could work,

Cleveland +6 over Cincinnati 

The Browns may not win this game but the Jason Campbell era is going much much to well to for me to think Cincinnati is really going to win this game. Cincy got very lucky against Baltimore last week and I just don’t see Cleveland  becoming that kind of victim this week. Also Cleveland is coming off a bye week and Cincy is coming over a physical game against the Ravens.

San Diego -3 over Miami

The Miami Dolphins’ blood is in the water and the entire league is just waiting for their turn to feast. Missing two starting OL and with an organization in turmoil the resurgent Chargers are going to walk in this one. Phil Rivers knows what Ryan Tannahill is going through with no protection so we may see a lengthly hug post game.

Kansas City +8 Over Denver

Yes Denver is a tough place to play, yes these are two very good teams with some flaws that have been recently exposed and yes Andy Reid may be smart enough to pull back on his offence to leave some playoff surprises for the Broncos. KC has also just had a bye week and Andy Reid is normally a pretty savvy bye week coach and the lack of head coach John Fox can’t be a plus for Denver.


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