The Riot Act (Buy The Book, Help The Blog, Make Christmas Happy)

This is the post where I harsh on my readers, a bit, in the hope that I can raise some money to keep this blog going.  I feel as though been pretty cool about being low pressure about money on this blog while providing lots of high quality content. I am highly adverse to going hat in hand and asking for money from my readers so I wrote a book which comprises the first year of Braised Blue.  I’ve done pretty well at moving it so far with the help of friends and family but very frankly my readers on this site have not pulled their weight as I expected. I’ve had over 30,000 visitors to the blog this year, over 250 Word Press users follow this blog and the sales between Amazon and my paypal have been super disappointing.  I know that money is tight for a lot of people, and that blogs are a great way to get free content. With that said,  the book really is something of which I am very proud.  I feel confident that if you enjoy this blog you will really be impressed by the quality of book as well, as how I have re-imagined this blog in a different medium.

Braised Blue: Year One is unlike any other cookbook you will ever read. It’s a blend of the recipes, essays and photography found on Braised Blue. Laid out in seasons Braised Blue: Year One navigates not only the first year of my blog but also some of the personal stories, struggles, and triumphs of a formative year of my life.

So in my best parental voice I am going to lay it out there for you. I’m not mad at you, my beloved and much respected reader, I am disappointed. I want to keep doing this and I assume since you read this blog you also want to keep reading.  For this to continue I am going to have to see something from you.  So I am going to put up my links below and I am going to say the next sentence sternly but with nothing but love for you. Buy my book you freeloading reprobate or I am going to find you and do things to you with a whisk that hopefully won’t turn you on.

So here are the ways to buy.

So first is my amazon page. This is where you can buy my book along with other books, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, laser disks, betamax, HDDVDs, Underpants, Ben Wah Balls, Sweatpants, Yoga pants,  Shampoo, and anything else you can think of, is the place you can get it. So when you’re doing your online shopping next pick up Braised Blue: Year One. Just so you know I make about 4 bucks a book if you were to purchase from Amazon.

Second, is my Create Space page. Create Space is a place where you can buy independently published books. So if you are looking for interest new authors just scraping by in their parents basements(such as me.) Come support us! I make about 7 bucks a book from this retailer.

Third, you can purchase my book via PayPal for $25 dollars and $2 dollars for shipping by clicking on the link below and with that I am going to throw in a free 8X10 original signed, and numbered photograph of your choice from the blog. I make about $12 from this method.

Forth, you can buy the PDF ebook of Braised Blue: Year One for the low low price of $6.50. I will send the PDF directly to your email and you can enjoy the book on your computer, tablet or smartphone. I make 100% profit with this option and I feel like this option is a great way to try out the book. Also if you like it the book and want to buy the hard copy, I will discount the hard copy for the difference.

Fifth, You can purchase the book at The Butcher of Kingsville and Trinkets and Treasures in Amherstburg.

So it’s all out there and the proper guilt based motivation has been put into motion. So please find it in your heart to pick up a copy of Braised Blue: Year One or at least hip someone you know/love to the book. Thank you in advance.

B&B Book Cover Final (done)-1