Sports Bites: NFL Week 9 Lines

Sometimes I wish that my ability to pick games this season was as good as my ability to predict how badly I will do. So this week should keep my streak of getting more wrong than right going without much of a problem. It’s too bad Miami played thursday because I would have chosen them to bully the shit out of whoever they played. Anyway here is this sunday’s embarrassments.

New Orleans -7 over NYJ:

The Saints are my choice to come out of the NFC and maybe win the Super Bowl at this point. There ability to score big points and create turnovers will be what gets them over in this game. This game will also feature at minimum twenty split screen shots of Rex and Rob Ryan, guess which one followed with The Dead for a decade, and which one has a creepy foot fetish.

Tennessee -3 over St. Louis:

Tennessee has Jake Locker back and I think, thinks people forgot how bloody good he was at the beginning of this season.  Tennessee will throw a beating on a bad St. Louis team, and look for Chris Johnson to have a game here since he finally will have a defence who must respect his quarterback.

Oakland -3 over Philly:

Oakland showed me something last week and to be more accurate Terrelle Pryor showed me something. They are a talented team with tons of faults but I think they will cut the Philly defence to ribbons.  Also Philly is in huge trouble at the quarterback position.  Sorry Chip Kelly but you’re system needs a real quarterback.

Baltimore -3 over Cleveland:

I am betting against my favourite team but as good as they looked with Jason Campbell I think The Ravens have their number. This will be low scoring but I think the Ravens are starting to round into form which is not good news for the Browns.

Minnesota +10 over Dallas:

The Dallas Cowboys got their backs broken by Detroit last week and I just don’t see them winning by 10 points no matter how bad the Vikings are. Watch for Dez Bryant to atone for being the biggest baby in the NFL last week with a big game, but I just can’t see Dallas’ defence allowing for them to keep a lead of this size.