Sports Bites: NFL Week 8 Picks

So I missed last week and I would have went 2 for 5 because it’s what I do every week. Lets see if I can beat that and get every game wrong this week. It’s impressive how little feel I have for this annoying bullshit league anymore.(Is the NFL going to throw a flag on me for criticizing it? Because they seem to throw flags for everything else)

NYG +5 over Philly

The Giants are inexplicably bad and the Eagles are just bad. The lack of explanation is what gives me pause to giving a horrible Philly team a 5 point nod. The Giants should be an ok team but they are not and I think this is one that could be an outright win for the Giants now that they’ve gotten the monkey off their back. Also Mike Vick is starting for Philly which keeps my logic of the Eagles being bad intact.

Detroit -3 over Dallas

Detroit wins this game and I hate picking them but Dallas’ injuries are epic and Dez Bryant’s mouth will set a fire under the Lions. I like Dallas this year but Detroit at home and only a 3 point spread is something I can’t lay off of. Just wait till next week when I angrily post a 1000 word fuck you to the pathetic Lions for losing this game.

Miami +7 over New England

Don’t get me wrong…I think New England will win this game. I just don’t think they will cover. Miami will be able to run because of the absence of Mayo and Wilfork and this one will go down to the wire. A seven point spread is Vegas playing on the under-estimation of how decimated the Pats’ defensive is. Nice try Vegas….nice try.

Green Bay -10 over Minny

Green Bay wins this one big because Minny has an injured AP and Josh Freeman throwing over the heads of their shrug worthy receiving corps. Green Bay may be banged up but I am willing to bet on them throwing a beating on the sad Vikes.

Seattle -12 over St. Louis

St. Louis tried to sign Brett Farve this week.*

*That is all