Sports Bites: NFL Week 6 Picks

After a Week 5 which was less than successful and week six will probably just get worse but I am here badly prognosticating for my readers. I thought I had a line on what was going on last week and I clearly was not on the ball so feel free to watch me take a header off that ball I am trying to jump back onto.  I won’t be touching the 28 point spread in the Denver game or the Saints/Pats game but I do have five games I actually feel confident about this week.

Philly -3 over Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay’s defence isn’t good enough to consistently stop Philly and their offence isn’t nearly good enough to keep up with them. I don’t like Philly very much but they are built to beat teams like Tampa Bay.

Cleveland +3 over Detroit: Detroit may win this game but this will be a close one. I am going to take the points and the hot team. Not to mention Joe Haden covering an injured Calvin Johnson makes me confident that Cleveland’s D will eke Detroit’s offence in check.

Minnesota -3 over Carolina: Minnesota is going to have an emotional push that no team this week will have and in the NFL that extra kind of motivation is something that will put them over the top. It’s a very sad reality but a reality none the less.

Arizona +10 over San Fran: San Fran should win this game, but the Cards are feisty and I don’t think they Niners will be able to win by 10 here. Vegas is looking for an overreaction by the public because San Fran looked great last week against the reeling Houston Texans.

Dallas -6 over Washington: Dallas showed that they are able to play with the best in football and Washington has been mediocre. Watch Dallas win big here because Tony Romo may make bonehead errors but he showed how great he can be last week. I think Dallas will roll Washington in this one.