Sports Bites: NFL Week 5 Picks

After missing last week’s post because I was indisposed with a wicked chest cold  I am back doing a terrible job picking NFL games against the spread. This week is where you can begin to really see who teams really are and where they are headed. A few patterns are the AFC seems to consistently kick the crap out of the NFC, Vegas has be a little more aggressive this year with making bigger spreads because of the disparity in talent in the league, and finally Andy Dalton sucks, Drew Brees is on fire, and Phil Rivers is a huge fan of his divorce from Norv Turner.


Seattle -3 over Indy:  Seattle’s defence will do terrible things to Indy and more notably Andrew Luck. Vegas is begging people to choose Indy with this line but I am all about Seattle on this one.

New Orleans -1.5 over Chicago: Chicago looked really bad last week and even though Drew Brees has never won in Chicago I am willing to bet that he will torch Chicago’s defence in Breesian fashion.

San Diego -5 over Oakland: Oakland isn’t as bad as I thought but who would have called Phil Rivers reinventing his career with the departure of Norv Turner*? Oakland is still pretty much a mess and the Chargers look really solid offensively. I am loving the chargers in this one.

Green Bay -10 over Detroit: Detroit is Calvin Johnson free…this doesn’t bode well. Green Bay fans are already celebrating with meat and beer.

New England -2 over Cincinnati: Cincy doesn’t look very good after a loss to Cleveland and New England looked great last week. I will take Tom Brady and a bunch of scrubs over Andy Dalton any day. Plus this line is way too low.

*Actually I re-read that and how didn’t anyone see this coming?