Sports Bites: NFL Picks Week 3.

It’s time for week three and after that 2-2-1 performance in week two I am ready to make this week even better. Somehow New Orleans couldn’t handle beating Tampa Bay by 4 last week and Robert Garbage Time The Third couldn’t get me a backdoor cover against the Packers, otherwise things would have been much different. But on to week three where I will try to improve slightly on last week.

Cleveland +7 over Minnesota: Cleveland out of pretty much nowhere traded Trent Richardson which follows the long held belief that a black guy named Trent will never be taken seriously in the Rust Belt. Cleveland fundamentally has not changed and without Brandon Weeden there to mediocre up the offence Cleveland may have a great shot at coming within 7 of the Christian Ponder and his band of merry screw-ups.  Sorry AP you may run all over Cleveland but this defence is going to shut down the Ponderous One in a big way.

Houston -3 over Baltimore:  Houston has really had a slow start but ultimately won their games and Baltimore has started even slower with a loss and a unimpressive win over Cleveland.  I just don’t see Houston losing this game and with the Foster/Tate duo may not love each other but they can give Baltimore fits especially later in the game and JJ Watt is going to continue to HulkSmash the competition.

NYG -1 over Carolina:  Eli Manning is going to have mercy taken on him by the NFL for making him play against his brother, since every announcer on TV made it sound like it was such a person hardship for both Mannings. Vegas is banking on the public watching how bad the Giants looked last week and them wagering heavy on Carolina. I’m taking the Giants all the way on this game. Cam Newton will be bottled up and Eli will make hay while the sun shines. Cliche CLiche Cliche….

Buffalo +3 over NYJ: My EJ Manuel love easily wins out over my Gino Smith love. Plus the Bills don’t have Rex Ryan as their coach so there is that as well. Vegas is again trapping the public with this line. If the Jets somehow win this game there is no way it’s by more than three. Take the points and the value here.

Chicago -3 over Pittsburg: Here are two teams I really don’t like at all but I will take Jay Cutler clutching up and making the Steelers 0-3. So when is Roethlisberger going to return from his injury?