Sports Bites: NFL Pick Week 2

So after me totally neglecting week one I am back with my week two hardly a good idea to follow picks. If you followed this last year I hit these picks at a rate of about 52% which is pretty bad but also not horrible. It’s pretty much a break even. This year should be just as bad as I cynically complain about how slow NFL games are getting. Most of the time I bet not on teams I like but against teams I think are bad and this week is a bit of a departure. So without further ado here are my picks and pithy comments that adorn them.

Miami +3 over Indy: It’s been said many time already this season that Indy was the luckiest team in the NFL last year, but did you know they are on the lucky football all decade team? Miami looked competent in their win in Cleveland last week and Indy beat Terrell Pryor and Oakland by a slim margin. Miami is going to win this one outright so enjoy making money if you choose to bet on the line. Or take the points and laugh all the way to the bank. Of course putting money on Ryan Tannahill is always stressful, so have a few beers to relax you.

Atlanta -7 Over St. Louis: Now my brain is telling me that Atlanta isn’t any good and that St. Louis will cover this game in the 4th quarter, but my heart is telling me that Atlanta is going to run rough shot over St. Louis.  I am going with my heart on this one. After last week’s loss to the Saints,  Atlanta has something to prove, while St. Louis had a good day in beating Arizona and will rest on their laurels. So I am taking a pissed off Atlanta team to cover. Though it’s probably a bad idea.

New Orleans -3.5 over Tampa Bay: In the last seven days Tampa lost to The Jets, and stripped Josh Freeman of his captaincy. This all happened while New Orleans ripped off a win against the favoured Falcons and the best coach quarterback duo was reunited. New Orleans wins big here, like double digits big but if Vegas only wants to give me 3.5 points I will take it Vegas.

Buffalo +3 over Carolina: I already know it’s a horrible mistake to bet on Buffalo but EJ Manual is enchanting and I don’t see teams getting the book on him yet. Carolina may win this game but I cannot buy that they will win big. So this pick really is for a push bet when Carolina kicks the winner in overtime.

Washington +8 over Green Bay: It has been well documented that I dislike Mike Shannahan. Whether I call him “Coach Umpa Lumpa”, “the quarterback killer” or “the dark lord himself…satan”. I will never bet against him when vegas is giving him 8 points. I smell an inappropriately risky back door cover where RG3 gets hit two or three times and you cringe and wait for his leg to fall off.  Green Bay will totally win this game because they have to, but I don’t see them winning big.