Get Blue Into The Black: Buy Braised Blue: Year One

Dear Readers,

I want to make a blog post that is also a clearing house for all of my pertinent links, appearances, etc.

So first is my amazon page. This is where you can buy my book along with other books, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, Underpants, Ben Wah Balls, shampoo and anything else you can think of, is the place you can get it. So when you’re doing your online shopping next pick up Braised Blue: Year One.*

Second, is my Create Space page. Create Space is a place where you can buy independently published books. So if you are looking for interest new authors just scraping by in their parents basements(such as me.) Come support us!

Third, you can purchase my book via PayPal for $25 dollars and $2 dollars for shipping by clicking on the link below.***

Forth, you can buy the PDF ebook of Braised Blue: Year One for the low low price of $6.50.****

Fifth, you can come to the Ford City Farmers Market in Windsor, Ontario. You can meet me, I can sign your book, you can pay $25 for my book and maybe buy some of my photography. Follow the link to see all the location information.

If you like this blog and want it to continue to grow, change and improve your support is needed. So share the living crap out of this post and lets get Braised Blue into the Black!


Nicholas V. Nedin

Publisher Braised Blue

*FYI, the price right now is $26.59 with free shipping, and I make about $6  a book for this method.

** FYI, The price on create space is $27.99 and I make about $10 per book on this site.

***FYI, This will cost you $27 and I make around $13.50 per book with this method.

****FYI, this is pure profit for me and you can share it with your friends!

Sometimes when you cook for six hours you get a little bit bored.

Sometimes when you cook for six hours you get a little bit bored.