Recipe: Grilled Calamari in a Balsamic Reduction.


This recipe is totally cribbed from a local restaurant which will go unnamed because I don’t want you going there to eat this. It’s not because I’m a dick, it’s because you can easily make it at home for a few bucks instead of paying $14 for it. Calamari is all too often breaded and deep fried into oblivion. This technique gives you a more tender, flavourful and healthy version of a Mediterranean favourite. This one goes out to Graeme and Laurie Fraser, who generously contributed to my IndieGoGo campaign. They hair from Vancouver so the quality of seafood they get to deal with is amazing and this super simple recipe hopefully will be something they try all the time.


Calamari (two or three full squid)

Balsamic Vinegar (aged)

Rosemary (sprigs)

1 Lemon (jucied)

Sea Salt


Directions: On a cutting board take your squid apart by removing the middle area which connects the tentacles and body from the larger bell shaped head section. You then want to cut the squid into rings just like you would get in a restaurant. You want to cut them a little bit thicker than an inch, as you don’t want them to fall through the grill. Then in a mixing bowl toss the calamari with some lemon juice, salt and pepper and then quickly get them to the grill which should be hot but not steak searing hot. You will hear popping and crackling sounds coming from the squid. This is normal, ignore the sounds. You want to grill each side of the squid until you get a golden brown colour to them and a little char will not hurt them either so don’t be afraid of leaving them on the heat until they are totally done.  When finished remove from grill.

In a sauce pan add 1/2 cup of balsamic and on medium heat reduce the liquid by half. It should then more easily drizzle.

You then give each people a sprig of rosemary. You do not eat the rosemary, you just smell it between bites. The aromatic of the rosemary will lift the flavours of the calamari and the balsamic without over powering he dish. Enjoy!