Barley Sandwich: Reviews From A Beer Snob Vol 4.

A few weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Northern Michigan and got to drink a bunch of Michigan craft brews here are three of the highlights. So for anyone who was looking for me to lose my mind, talking about beers that taste like disappointment and have the character of Chris Brown on PCP…sorry.*

Bell’s Oarsman Session Ale: Bell’s Brewery out of Kalamazoo, Michigan is a fantastic brewery that does some really great straight forward brews as well as some monster specialty beers. Oarman Session Ale is a german style wheat beer that uses a sour mash technique to make a light, tart beer that could be drank in massive quantities in the sun. With a nose of sour dough bread, and fresh cut grass this cloudy yellow beer has a great citric tartness, a nice grainy backbone and a clean finish that makes it super easy to drink and enjoy.

Founder’s Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale: If you like a big ballsy scotch ale to warm you up around the campfire this is the one. Dirty Bastard is a Scotch Ale from Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids Michigan. This big dark ale comes in at 8.5% alcohol but drinks like a normal 5% beer. With flavours of caramel, raisin fruit, and peat smoke this beer give you all kind of complexity in a form that is super approachable. This beer is inky black but with an intense ruby hue that runs through it.  This is one of my favourite beers I’ve tried in the past few years.

Bell’s Oberon Ale: Oberon Summer Ale is a solid summer ale that invokes the name of the Shakespearian fairy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This wheat beer plays with German and Czech malts as well as a nice hoppy balance to create a fruit driven beer that isn’t so fruity that you can’t drink them one after another. With a nose of citrus and buttery toast and a palette that brings fresh citrus and coriander at the front end and dried stone fruit at the finish all with a mineral bite of bitterness that restrains the beer where many wheat beers will just give you all the sweet and spice without tethering the beer with some bitterness. Well balanced and easy to drink.

*Actually this Chris Brown beer idea is brilliant. Chris Brown’s Black and Blue Porter anyone? Ok can we get Pitbull to do the commercial? Date rape wants to sponsor us…Fantastic.