Quick Hits Edition #10: Things I Hate (But I may still follow)

So normally when I write a quick hits piece it’s all about things I really like. But for the 10th edition of quick hits I want to talk about things I hate that you’re not allowed to hate.

TV: Dexter is one of those shows that everyone seems to love despite it’s glaringly obvious flaws.  In its 8th and final* season we have a show that has had three very good seasons(1,2,4), two season so abysmal it’s difficult to put into words(3,6) and two very shrug worthy seasons(5,7). But people love Dexter. Through all its lazy voice over exposition, through its even lazier extended voice over exposition (Dexter’s conversations with Harry), to it’s stagnant plotting and lack of character development, people seem to love the character. Michael C. Hall has won awards* * for his portrayal of the friendly psychopath, and he really is the only prime mover on the show, as an actor or as a character. I still watch Dexter, even though it really just makes me roll my eyes at the inability of Dexter’s coworkers to at some point put the pieces together. Two detectives have been killed both are openly investigating Dexter and not an eyebrow is raised? But here is the bottom line, Dexter isn’t very good, it’s popular because people like the antihero, Dexter is Antihero-lite, it’s a dark comedy that lacks laughs, it’s a thriller that lacks thrills and it’s a detective show about detectives who suck.

Movies: Argo won best picture last year, it propelled Ben Affleck to a career renaissance and netted Alan Arkin probably the least deserved best supporting actor oscar in recent memory. Was Argo any good? Sure, it was an alright historical drama/thriller had it been produced by the History Channel. This was a hollywood movie that one picture that is visually boring, plodding in it’s pacing and just lacking a clear perspective. The Irani revolution is much more complex than a short prologue can explain and it’s been recently done much better and with more nuance in the award winning animated feature Persepolis. Ben Affleck plays dashing well and John Goodman and Alan Arkin are solid in their bit parts but the movie it’s self just never gels. If you want to watch a movie about Iran, watch Not Without My Daughter for the sheer insanity of the way this movie was made, and a solid performance by a young Alfred Molina.

Podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience is a weird experience for me. I enjoy Joe very much about 90% of the time, but I also find there are times when he just gets hooked into a train of thought or topic where I just want to shut off the podcast(and I do). I enjoy the crazy conspiracy stuff because he brings a deft hand and a really funny voice to those topics and I agree with much of his political viewpoints but some of his ideas on human sexuality and male female relationships are just not my cup of tea. Hating a piece of media that is purely voluntary to listen to, but I wish there way a way to filter Joe’s mostly fantastic stream of consciousness down the paths I want it to go.

Music: Alright I hate U2, it makes me a bad person I understand but I come from a youth of Motown music and rhythm. U2 is a black hole that envelopes rhythm and craps out pretentiousness. I understand this band who I hate does a ton of good in the world and it was heartwarming when Bono gave his crazy glasses to the pope, but here is the kicker. My favourite U2 album is Pop. So there you have it. U2 Sucks, except for Pop.

*Unless Showtime gives Dexter a stay of execution because of the incredible ratings it is getting so far this season.

**Michael C. Hall’s work in Six Feet Under is so far superior to his work on Dexter in range and scope that it just makes me hope his next role harkens back to the great work he did as David.