Recipe: The Braised Blue Chicken Club

I woke up this morning thinking I would do a burger for my next recipe dedication but I decided against it because, I love a good chicken sandwich and I really do neglect poultry on this blog in a big way.  This recipe goes out to a wonderful lady who would probably kill for a chicken sandwich right now. Lindsay Knudsen is a journalism school pal of mine who is currently teaching the children of Korea* how to speak English and is up to her elbows in Kim Chi and fish stew. So Lindsay enjoy your own little piece of food porn.

The Sammy:

Ingredients(For 4):

8 slices Sour Dough Bread (thick slice)

4 Chicken breasts (butterflied)

8 strips Smoked Bacon **

Bib Lettuce


Cucumber (thin sliced)


1 Peri Peri pepper (dried, ground by mortar and pestle)

1 clove Garlic (pasted)

Sea salt

Black pepper


There are a few components to this dish which I will break down separately and then bring together in the end.

The Chicken: Rub the butterflied chicken breast in salt and pepper. Place on a hot grill and sear both sides. Because the breasts are butterflied this should only take a few minutes. Of course you don’t want to undercook chicken but overcooking it also sucks so make sure things stay moist. Also let the chicken rest for a few minutes.  While you have the grill going, quickly toast your bread just to get a nice crisp on it.

The Bacon: In a pan just cook down your bacon, I like leaving a little bit of fat on my bacon for the sandwich there are crisp elements to it already.

The Aioli: In a mixing bowl put a cup of mayonnaise and fold in your garlic paste and Peri Peri peppers. Adding some olive oil can also loosen up the mixture and make it a little bit more spreadable.

Putting it together: Here is how you stack it up….. Bread, Aioli, Lettuce, Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Cucumber, Aioli, Bread. You then cut it in half and skewer with a toothpick. It’s simple, it’s delicious and it’s not fish stew.

*The good Korea.

**Don’t mess around with bad bacon. Go to your butcher and get some real smoked stuff that someone actually took time and effort to prepare.