Recipe: The Braised Blue Cucumber and Basil Gin and Tonic


Gin and Tonics are a great summer cocktail which don’t get enough love during the summer, so today you will get to learn a new take on a classic.

Fellow blogger, Braised Blue Contributor and all around awesome lady Sarah Head (of has been a friend of mine since grade school and has been one of the most active supporters of my blog. I have chosen this drink recipe for Sarah because I have a sneaking suspicion that she will be all over this recipe all summer long.


2 oz of Hendricks Gin*

1 Mini Cucumber (julienned)

1/2 Lime (sliced)

3 Leaves of Sweet Basil

6 oz of QTonic Tonic Water



This one is simple. In a highball glass** add your ice and gin, cucumbers, and basil. Give those all some time (2 or 3 minutes) to macerate together then add you tonic, squeeze of lime and garnish with lime and a basil leaf


*Hendricks is a premium Cucumber and Rose Petal infused gin from Scotland. It makes a hell of a martini and an even better Gin and Tonic.

**Lets forgo the fucking Collins glass, though they make my hands feel huge they make me feel like I should be at a cotillion which isn’t the relaxing vibe I am going for here.