For Your Consideration: Milk Coffee Bar

Calling a business an institution is one of my least favourite things in the world, but if there is a coffee shop in Windsor’s downtown that would qualify as an institution Milk Coffee Bar would qualify.

Open since 1998, Milk was the first place I got drunk on absinthe, it hosted the first open mic night I went to see friends play at, and it’s still the only place, that when I am downtown Windsor, I feel compelled to visit. There is a comfortable vibe, friendly staff, great coffee, a huge selection of tea, great performance space, eye catching art, and if you are in a intoxicating mood, a solid selection of absinthe.*

As someone who has made great strides in removing caffeine from his diet, I am fully willing to fall off the wagon for the coffee at Milk. I feel like Bubbles from The Wire as I cross Erie Street, no matter how good I’ve been with staying off the caffeine it’s right back to my days as a jittery neurotic for a taste of that dark rich, perfectly roasted coffee goodness**.

Milk Coffee Bar also does an amazing job fostering the city’s art and music scenes. As a performance venue it is intimate and relaxed, and the art the resides on the walls is eclectic and well integrated into the space. It is always a place that has something new to see while you sip on a well crafted latte, or a craft beer.

If you are from Windsor and have not visited Milk, do yourself a favour and go there and order your favourite coffee drinks. If you are from out of town and find yourself in downtown Windsor, forgo that boring over roasted cup of joe at Starbucks and walk an extra half block to a real coffee bar.***

*Served traditionally.

**I feel like this is the highest possible compliment I could give to a purveyor of liquid stimulants.

*** Milk Coffee Bar is located at 68 University Ave. W.




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