Recipe: Philly Cedar Smoked Salmon Steak w/ A marinated Shitake Mushroom and Micro Green Salad.


So the title of this piece is the Ulysses of food blog titles, but if you hve the time and fortitude to get through this title you will be rewarded by this dish. It’s one of my favorites and it’s much simpler than the title.

The Salmon: What you will need is Salmon Steaks, I will not go into the importance of buying wild salmon in another blog post but suffice it to say, wild salmon, tastes better, it cooks better and it’s much better for you.

Salmon Steaks



Cream Cheese

Fresh Rosemary

1 Lemon

bread crumbs

One soaked cedar plank(I soak for 24 hours, because I find high heat works better for cedar smoking.)

How to: Take the cream cheese and stir in the fresh rosemary and bread crumbs*. As you are mixing zest the lemon into the mixture. Take the cream cheese filling and stuff the…

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