Foods You Should Know: Regional American BBQ…A Porktoral Thesis.

It’s Barbecue Season and here is my exhaustive piece on Regional American BBQ. Let the smokey words seep into your every nook and cranny. Cheers!


Before I even start this piece I need to make this very clear. Grilling and Barbecue are two different things. When you make a steak you are grilling, when you make a brisket you are barbecuing. What is the main difference? In a word…smoke. Your home barbecue is probably only used as a grill especially if it runs on gas, you cook your burgers, steaks and chicken. Now if you took that same barbecue, added some wood chips or charcoal, never let the heat get above 250 and smoked a pork shoulder for six hours, you’re not grilling. You are barbecuing.

The word Barbecue comes from the native South American word barbacot which translates to “wooden rack”, which refers to the technique of these native people of placing their meat on a wooden rack above a fire. Spanish explorers(genociders) brought the technique to North America and it was quickly taken…

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