Recipe: Coffee and Doughnut French Toast

I am back with a new recipe, Braised Blue: Year One has been written, now the photos, layout and all that other stuff has to be done before you get to buy the book from me and in turn help make this blog something I can at least somewhat live off of. There will be an indiegogo campaign and all kind of other fun promotions* and opportunities to get involved with the project coming soon so that you can get involved with the blog and the book.

So today I have a breakfast recipe I think everyone is going to love. It’s my take on Coffee and Doughnuts, without the use of doughnuts. Using Brioche is a great idea for French Toast but when you increase the surface area for cooking the already dense brioche really takes on the texture of a doughnut. I love when I get food that gives me one expectation when I see it but totally does something different flavour wise it’s like a magic trick, and this is a trick I think you can easily do to the amazement of your friends and family**.

The Toast:(serves 2)


1 Loaf of Fresh Brioche(Cut into inch and a half slices, and then quartered)

2 eggs(beaten)

1 tbs cream(or milk)

1 tbs coffee grinds (Freshly ground, finely ground)

1 ts cinnamon

1.5 ts clove

black pepper(Dash)



Directions: In a flat bowl mix your eggs, cream, coffee cinnamon, clove, black pepper and salt with a whisk until the mixture is uniform. There will be lots of particulate matter hanging out in the egg cream mix. Then take your pieces of bread and dredge them in the egg/cream/spice/coffee mixture on all sides. Then in a pan on medium heat with butter melted in it place your dredged bread and cook until browned on all sides. The coffee and spices may make the bread look a bit darker than brown but keep and eye on the edges and let those be your guide for doneness.

The Dipping Sauce:


1/2 cup Coffee(however you make it)

1/2 cup Maple Syrup

1 ts black pepper


In a mixing bowl mix the syrup with the coffee and the pepper. It’s really not that difficult. If you need help with this…I am sorry.


*How does me coming to your house and cooking for you sound?

**You may not want to give this recipe to children because I doubt you want your children eating coffee infused bread or coffee infused Maple Syrup. I am all for riling up children and allowing their parents to handle the aftermath but I am less for giving them stimulants. I think it is hilarious to give children caffeine but I myself am tantamount to a child so this should be sway your adult thought process.