It’s beautiful out today so go make you self a steak. But read this first.


Today is my birthday so I decided to talk about what I would choose as my birthday meal nine times out of ten. What makes a good steak is a very personal thing. The cut, the heat, the seasoning all of these things are important when purchasing and preparing your favourite steak.

I personally like a Boneless Ribeye, seasoned with black pepper, sea salt and finished with fleur de sel*, cooked blue. When you read this know I am assuming you have a barbecue as pan frying a steak is a whole other monster which I may release as a recipe one day.

Before you Buy:

If you are going to the butcher ask them questions. Where did the animal come from? How many days did you age it? How did you age it? The things you want to hear is that the animal is local(less time to market) The…

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