Happy St. Paddy’s Day Everyone. Please use this guide to Irish Whiskey responsibly.


I’ve noticed in the past 24 hours an influx of visitors to Braised Blue from Ireland. I had been holding back this article because I wanted to wait for St. Patrick’s day to release an article about Irish Whiskey as a response to the need people have to drink crappy green beer and break into the “incase of St. Patrick’s day” box that resides under their beds*. But because I fear a potato with a note tied to it being thrown through my window tonight saying, “Wattabout Our Whis-key fucka”, I decided to do this today and save myself the clean up job.

The first legal distillery in the United Kingdom was not a Scotch Whisky distillery it was actually in Ireland. In 1608 Bushmills distillery opened and for the first time, legally, continued a tradition of distilling that began with Irish monks as early as 500-600 AD. These monks…

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