Recipe: Avocado and Basil Margarita

I am not much of a mixologist. I like my whisky neat,  my vodka on the rocks and my rum in a dark and stormy.

The Margarita is one of the most egregiously trodden upon pieces of drink real estate that is out there, saccharine slush with hardly a hint of the cheap tequila used to achieve memory erasing effects. A great margarita is about simplicity, tequila, citrus, ice maybe some salt. I got the idea for this Margarita from a place in San Francisco, the name of this bar has been erased from my memory from these very margaritas. A co-worker of mine told me that this was one of the best things he had tried in his life. So I decided to try the Avocado Margarita and was so blown away that I drank about seven more. Thus my lack of memory. So from my fuzzy memory to your computer monitors, cheers!

Ingredients:(This makes about 1 litre of Margarita)

1 Avocado(skin removed)

1 oz of extra virgin olive oil*


4 oz blanco tequila**

4 oz Grand Marnier

4 oz Lime Juice(Fresh)

Simple Syrup

2 cups ice


In a blender add your skinned avocados, your olive oil, basil, and tequila. Using the blender blend those first few ingredients very well. Then add your Grand Marnier, Lime juice, and ice and blend until smooth. Then in a glass of your choice with ice in it. Taste the drink and sweeten to your liking by blending in the simple syrup until you get to your desire sweetness. I like to keep the drink a little less sweet because I love the interplay between the avocado, lime, olive oil and basil. Then pour the margarita into a glass over ice cubes, garnish with a few more leaves of basil and enjoy.

*You’re going to want something very high quality here.

**100% agave blanco tequila. Cazadores, Avion, something not too expensive but still high quality.