Recipe: Chicken Tandoori Pizza

Another day, Another flatbread. This time I take some great indian flavours as well as some out of the box techniques to makes a super flavourful and easy to make flatbread pizza. Enjoy.


2 large Chicken Breasts(boneless/skinless/dredged in tandoori spice)

1 lemon (Sliced width wise)

Goat Cheese

1 large onion (rough chopped)

garlic(Smashed and finely diced)

Olive Oil

Tandoori Spice

1 cup Sour Cream

1 tbs Sriracha Sauce

2 store bought Naan breads


On a grill at high heat put your tandoori dredged chicken breasts and get a nice sear on them. The spice should begin to go black pretty quickly, this doesn’t mean the meat is burning, just the spice. One you have a nice sear on bring the heat down and cook the breasts through, this should take about 12-15 minutes. Also put your lemon slices on the grill, you want to quickly char those they will be giving the dish lots of bright acidity as well as the flavour of charred lemon is really great with this flavour profile. Once the chicken has been removed from the grill and rested hand tear the chicken into smaller pieces and put them into a bowl with the charred lemon and toss it all around a bit allowing the lemon to really leave their mark on the chicken.

In an oiled pan on medium heat sauté your onions until they begin to brown, add your garlic, tandoori spice, and bring the heat down a little bit. Continue to sauté and really cook down the onions. Once the onions and garlic are down add your sour cream and Sriracha sauce. Hand stir all of this together and remove from heat.

Then take your Naan Breads which have been brushed with Olive oil, add you sour cream/onion mixture and spread it out like a pizza sauce. Then add your hand torn chicken and lemon. Then add chunks of goat cheese. Set your oven to broil, and put the pizza under the broiler for about 3 minutes to crisp the naan and to melt everything into tandoori goodness.