A Word From Our (Prospective) Sponsors

Last night I got home from a wholly unfilling and unsatisfying meal at Kelsey’s. I decided I needed a snack so after digging through the freezer I found some chicken fingers. So into the oven they went and I prepared for some late night comfort food after a buffalo chicken sandwich and a “Sonoma Valley Salad” that came out in the form of a Caesar Salad, but this isn’t an ad for the people of Cara Foods.

This is about the chicken fingers, well what I thought were chicken fingers. It turns out after ten minutes on high heat in the over the chicken fingers were actually fish sticks, Halibut to be exact. So what is a guy to do? I have overcooked a fish stick that is pretty much unseasoned that still need a few more minutes to cook the thing evenly. I have some semi fresh bread and a variety of sauces to use.  So I chose Smoke And Spice Southern Barbecue’s Carolina Mustard Sauce which I purchased from the good people at The Butcher of Kingsville. A fish sandwich can be a wonderful thing but the right flavours are a bit of a balancing act.

The Smoke and Spice Carolina Mustard Sauce had a nice acidic pop and some subtle heat that really does well to compliment many things even overcooked halibut. It’s not the BBQ sauce I use for everything because the fine people at Smoke and Spice make an entire range of Barbecue sauces, from the original which brings a sweet tang and a smokey spice, to the Chipotle which brings the heat but also the flavours of the southwest and the XXX Hot Sauce that leaves in the heat but doesn’t burn you out, there is a Smoke and Spice BBQ Sauce for everyone’s BBQ needs.

You can purchase Smoke and Spice BBQ at many fine food shops but I think you should take a trip down to Kingsville to the best Butcher shop in the county. The Butcher of Kingsville not only does great things with organic meats, it also practices whole animal butchery. Go there and pick up some local grass fed beef, some succulent free range chicken or some house made sausage which are perfect for the grill and on your way out pick up a few bottles of Smoke and Spice BBQ Sauce.

The above was a free advertisement for Smoke and Spice and The Butcher of Kingsville. Over 2000 readers a month come to my blog and get all kinds of free content and I ask for them to please support the blog by supporting these local businesses that make bad fish sandwiches better and also supply many of the meats that I use when cooking all of my recipes. If there is a local restaurant, food retailer, bar, cigar store, massage parlour or dance school who wants to pay pennies for exposure like this email me at nnedin82@gmail.com.