Recipe: Braised Blue Spicy Peppercorn Burger

So by now you have to assume that there is a burger restaurant in the works where Braised Blue just makes amazing burgers of all types. The menu is just going to develop in blog form and one day you will wake up and there will be announcement that a Braised Blue is opening in your town. Don’t get your hopes up. I am preparing you for grilling season right now. Steeling your BBQ flippers with information and ideas. I am the Che Guevara of the grill, Viva La Revolution, down with boring burgers.


The Burger:

500 g Medium Ground Beef Chuck

500 g Medium Ground Beef Brisket

1 egg(Breaten)

1 onion(grated)

2 cloves Garlic(grated)

1 cup bread crumbs(Finely blended in a food processor)

1 tbs Worcestershire Sauce



6 sprigs for Rosemary(Finely chopped)

4 Fresh Onion Buns

1 Cup Montary Jack Cheese(shredded)

The Sauce:

Olive oil

1 tbs of Green and Black Peppercorns

1 Onion

1 Serrano Chili

Beef stock

1/2 cup of butter


1 cup dark ale(Room temp)


The Burger: You are going to follow the Braised Blue Burger Directions to create the actual burger. Not much changes here except for the toppings which will be explain below.

The Sauce: In an oiled sauce pan on medium heat, add your peppercorns and give them a good sauté for about five minutes to really release the pepper flavours. Then add your onions sweat those down. Once the onions are sweated add your Serrano chillies and continue to cook down all the ingredients. Then deglaze the pan with the dark ale and reduce by half. Then add butter, melt into the sauce. Deglaze with some beef stock, add your flour and reduce into a gravy like consistency.

Putting It All together: Take your bun, add your burger, then add your shredded Monterey jack cheese, top with your peppercorn sauce and enjoy. The sauce should meld with the cheese and make a wonderfully textured topping to the burger, while adding a really nice heat, pepperiness and richness to the burger.