Recipe: Herbed Flat Bread topped with Prosciutto, Caramelized Onions & Figs

I love pizza and I can make pizza but I have a problem with eating too much pizza so something quelling that pizza craving with something pizza like while making something that is a little bit more portion controlled. This flat bread recipe is also great at an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre. You can choose to make your own dough but I am not normally much for baking but there is pre made pizza doughs that you can pick up at a lot of  grocery stores do really well because all you need to do is portion out your flatbreads, wake the dough up with a little flour and water, and then kneed in your herbs. But I digress on talking about the inter workings of the recipe before the recipe begins. The pre recipe preamble is what differentiates Braised Blue from other food blog where people slide in boring anecdotes about what their kids like to eat.  But what can I say about pizza? It’s awesome, who doesn’t like pizza? Nazis, The Khamir Rouge, The Gluten Intolerant? So sit back and get ready for flat bread deliciousness.


1 pre-made pizza dough(About the size of my fist.*)

1/2 cup of basil(fresh chopped)

1/4 cup oregano(fresh chopped)

1 small Onion(Rough chopped

5 Figs(quartered)

5 thin slices Prosciutto

1 Roma Tomato(diced)

1 tbs dried red chilies

Goat Cheese

Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Black Pepper


Directions: Take your dough and kneed your chopped herbs into it with some salt and pepper. stretch the dough into a rough rectangle and put it onto a cookie sheet that has a thin layer of corn meal on it which will keep the crust from sticking while at the same time allowing the crust to crisp. In an oiled pan on medium heat add your onions and cook them down until they begin to brown and release their sugar. Add your figs to the pan and continue to sautee with the onions. The sugars from the figs should kind of kick start the caramelization of the onions. One the onions and figs have really released their sugar take them off the heat. Then top the pizza with the onion fig preparation it should act almost as a sauce it should be sticky and sweet add the chili flakes tomatoes and prosciutto. Then add some chunks of goat cheese to your liking. I like just a little bit of goat cheese but by all means slather the damn thing in goaty goodness. In an oven heated to 425 degrees and cook the pizza until the crust turns golden brown and the toppings begin to really melt together and integrate. It should take about 12 minutes but it really depends on your oven. Enjoy!


*Guess I am going to have to create some kind of fist size exemplar if I am going to continue to compare things to my fists.