Recipe: Braised BlueX2 Burger

I was looking back at my recent recipes and I want to get back to basics. So I am rolling out my third burger recipe. This one is going to be a little bit different as I feel like my last two burgers were a little bit over the top with the toppings so I wanted to make something super flavourful but also super simple.


500 g Medium Ground Beef Chuck

500 g Medium Ground Beef Brisket

1 cup crumbled Danish Blue Cheese

1 egg(Breaten)

1 onion(grated)

2 cloves Garlic(grated)

1 cup bread crumbs(Finely blended in a food processor)

1 tbs Worcestershire Sauce



2 figs(Diced)

1 small onion diced



In a mixing bowl add your ground meat and blend the two together by hand. Add your egg, 1/2 cup of danish blue cheese, worcestershire, onion, salt, pepper and garlic and continue to mix by hand. Then add your bread crumbs, rosemary and continue to mix. Put your mixed burger meat in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool and set. After the meat has set you form patties they should be around half a pound. The burgers should be about four inches in diameter and a hole should be pressed into the middle of the patty which allows for quicker cooking and the ability to check the doneness of the burger.

In an oiled pan on medium heat, add your onions and sweat them, add your diced figs and cook until the sugars of the figs and the onion begin to meld this should take about 10 minutes.

Now once you have your patty formed you put your burgers on the grill and cook them like normal burgers, the blue cheese will begin to melt and hopefully if the grill is hot enough the cheese will begin to get crusty. When the burgers are almost finished crumble some more blue cheese onto the top of your burger, then take you onion and fig mixture and top the blue cheese. Once the cheese is melted take the burgers off the grill. And build your burger, I like to put some arugula, and dijon mustard to go with the burger.