In Vino Veritas: Recipe Redux Part 8

It’s been close to two months since I have done an In Vino Veritas feature for the blog and it’s good to be back up and running. Our dishes today all are really American style dishes, a South American steak preparation, a Pacific American Salmon preparation with a kiss of maple syrup, and a regional mexican dish. With that I will do my best to work with wines from the Americas to go hand in hand with these fun and easy dishes.


Cedar Plant Roasted Salmon w/ Maple Spice Glaze

This dish has many of layers of flavour which makes it a little difficult to pair with a wine. Between the balance between heat and sweetness, crispy chewy caramelization and tender moist fish, there is an underlying flavour of smoke that I feel screams for a match. This is why I am going to break from my self imposed ban on recommending Canadian wines just for today. Road 13 Vineyards out of Oliver B.C. makes a Syrah that is equal parts smokey, barnyardy and really nicely acidic. It’s rare for me to give a Canadian wine this much credit but it also comes in around $20 a bottle which isn’t terrible. Sometimes when you are choosing a wine for a dish playing it against an undertone vs. playing it against the upfront flavours can lead to really great results.

Grilled Ribeye with Chimichurri

This dish is a very simple blend of big meaty flavours coming together with bright acidity and herbaceousness. The wine that I would choose for this dish would need to be able to stand up to the steak while also having some ability to highlight what makes the Chimichurri so great. My choice is a Chilean wine I think I may have talked about on this blog before but in the name of not checking through a couple dozen wine articles I will just pretend that I didn’t. Causino Macul Finis Terrae, is a wonderful wine from one of the oldest vineyards in Chile.  It’s a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah which makes for a wonderfully balanced red with enough backbone to stand up to the steak but all kinds of complexity that will work well in highlighting the herbs and the acid of the chimichurri.

TJ Shrimp Tacos w/ Peanut Guacamole Salsa

Wine with tacos isn’t something you normally think of but with this recipe being super straight forward and fighting acid with acid is your best bet. I have a particular wine in mind to pair with the spice and limey acidity of these tacos but I do think that pairing this dish with any Sauvignon Blanc or Malvasia Blanco would work really interestingly. In this articles case I would choose Chateau St. Jean’s Fume Blanc.  This wine from Sonoma plays with some interesting flavours in it’s Fume, green tea, tropical fruit, grassy herbaceous notes all change your mind about what a white wine can be. Pairing this one with the shrimp tacos is an out of the box take but I feel like it would be work so well.