Braised Blue Super Bowl Spectacular: Fan Food Showdown

So we have all seen features on tail gating and the insane amount of food that football fans love. Today I enter into a chili cook off, it will not be my first and it will not be my last. When we begin to look at what foods people like to have for Super Bowl sunday we begin to see a pattern.

Beyond the regional foods we have seen become popular in NFL fan circles, Baltimore tailgaters seem to be partial to blue crab and clam bakes, while San Francisco fans enjoy oysters and amyl nitrate. We see specific foods that are almost always part of the serious game day eater’s repertoire. I will also give some ideas to put a twist on your normal football foods.

The Poultry Division:

Chicken seems to be a beloved game day food but we see the more healthy cuts of chicken discarded for the wings, and legs. A few ideas to make your wings a little healthier and just as delicious is to smoke them and then grill them. Wings are one of the fattier parts of the chicken and deep frying them is just adding fat to fat. What you can do is remove the skin(keep the skins aside for a later idea) put those wings and drum sticks into a smoker or a bbq with a smoker attachment and give them an hour of smoke before grilling the wings and sticks with your favourite BBQ sauce.

The Casing Division:

Sausage, hotdogs, chorizo, linguica, bratwurst, knackwurst, these are all amazingly great things. Obviously mystery meat in a casing is ubiquitous to all people who are civilized but what if you take those mystery meats out of the casing and use them as the meat in your favourite pasta or even chilli. Don’t take all the casings off because sometimes you just need to toss some sausages on the grill at half time because you can only tweet so many snarky things about Steven Tyler’s scarfs.

The Crunch Division

Then take the skins toss them with some salt and pepper, and deep fry those suckers until crisp to make your own chicken chips. Once they are cooked toss again with salt and pepper and enjoy.

There are also a plethora of things that crunch, pretzels, potato chips, corn chips, pop corn*, cheese doodles, are all acceptable. But if you could bit into a crispy chicken skin would that not just beat the rest?

The Beef Division

Beef usually comes in burger form purely because it’s easy to eat a hamburger and hamburgers are delicious. I am more of a fan of something a little bit different. I am all about buying corned beef. A short time in the oven and you get a super tender and tasty way to make homemade deli sandwiches. It’s like a burger but with a twist.

The Pork Division

Pulled pork, and ribs would be the most common football foods and to be honest they are kind of perfect. Who the hell am I to tell pork what to do.**

I hope that everyone enjoys the superbowl and I am not going to take sides on who I want to win but I love the sweet irony of seeing Art Modell die before he could see another Superbowl. So lets do this…Go Browns!

*Popcorn doesn’t crunch so much as it makes the sound of squeaky disappointment.

**Yah this is a total cop out, but I have a chili cook off to win.