Recipe: Huevos Rancheros

There is a song about beans being a magical fruit and their ability to produce prodigious flatulence. Now beyond the fact that beans are not a fruit there is some magic that the people of Mexico have been able to work with beans that would blow your mind. Here is a breakfast recipe that is packed with protein, flavour and most importantly the magic of beans. I discovered Huevos Rancheros at a diner in Calgary who’s name should be forgotten because their numerous health code violations should be how the public knows them*.  This is a simple mexican dish popular in rural Mexico, usually it consists of eggs, corn tortilla, refried beans, salsa, chilies, guacamole, and sour cream. But there is something magical that happens in the slurry of the beans, egg yolk, sour cream, and pork fat**. My version of this dish is a bit stripped down and a little more protein heavy and carb light.

Ingredients:(For two)

4 strips of bacon

4 eggs

1 Can of Refried Beans

Sour Cream

Hot Sauce(Your choice)



Black pepper

Directions: In a sauté pan(Pan 1) on medium heat put two pieces of bacon cooking until the fat is rendered and then to your level of doneness. In another pan(Pan 2) cook two strips of bacon again until the fat is rendered and the bacon is done to your preferred level of doneness. In Pan 1 cook your eggs in the bacon fat over easy. Please ensure the yolk is kept runny because the yolk is part of the magic of this dish. In pan 2 add your can of refried beans and possibly a little bit more bacon fat. You want the consistency of the beans to thin out a little but so the addition of a tiny bit of stock would can help get the consistency of the beans to a level where it’s not soupy but it’s not chunky. This explanation of the consistancy of the breakfast beans you are making seems much too long but seriously it vastly improves the overall deliciousness of the dish. When the beans are warm you want to plate up the beans beside the eggs so that you can easily break the yolks and mix them with the beans. Then top the beans with a healthy dollop of sour cream, a couple dashes of hot sauce and a sprig of cilantro more as an aromatic element. Try and get a composed bite of the yolk, the beans and the sour cream all in one and thank me in the comment section.


*I have a long standing policy of not saying negative things about restaurants on this blog, but today I am going to break that policy because I got sick at Nellie’s Cosmic Cafe more than once and there is a vast public record of their egregious health code violations. So yah, thanks Nellie’s for introducing me to Huevos Rancheros but fuck you for messing up my lower GI tract for multiple months.

**My version includes bacon and I assume pork fat falls from the sky in rural Mexico.