Braised Blue Clip Show

I should have done this a few weeks ago during new years. Kind of giving a few different posts of the course of 2012. A best of Braised Blue if you will. So today I will give you a run down of what I did in 2012. Get ready for an orgy of hyperlinks and fun.

I guess we should start from the beginning. Braised Blue was birthed new the end of the month of February 2012 during a serious battle with depression. My life had fallen apart a little bit, I was back in Amherstburg on leave from my job, single for the first time in about five years. Braised Blue became one of the things that really got me through that tough time.

Getting through a depression is a personal process.  Though I had some pretty great tips for those in my situation, I felt that publicly displaying my experiences with depression and anxiety had run it’s course. And even though it is an everyday struggle for me I wanted to live my recovery by producing a blog that was more food directed.

I reviewed local eateries which really helped me rediscover Windsor, Detroit and Essex County as a great place to eat. I even created my own Poutine rating system while enjoying a local favourite.

I decided to add a couple new voices to Braised Blue in May. Friends Sarah Head and Brendan Houghton, became contributors and social media comrades.

I taught my readers about exotic and not so exotic food, while always doing my best to keep things light and fun.

At times my blog got political, and sometimes I got totally off topic.

By the end of the summer the blog has expanded. Food will always be the focus of Braised Blue, but expanding to Television, Music, Movies, and Comedy was inevitable.

I hope that my current readers and new readers continue to visit Braised Blue and continue to enjoy what I do with the site in the future.

Thank you,

Nicholas V. Nedin