Recipe: Breakfast MishMash

What do you call a thing that isn’t a omelette and isn’t a frittata but has elements of both. Well there is a place in Montreal called Cosmos Restaurant that does a dish called Mish Mash that will clog your arteries with joy*. The Cosmos Mish Mash was eggs, bacon, cheese, sausage, potato, tomato, ham, salami and half a loaf of bread worth of toast.

My version of Mish Mash is slightly less insane but it’s by no means healthy. It is a great breakfast if you are going for a hike or need to stay full and energized for long periods of time. This recipe feeds two people.


5 Eggs(Beaten)

5 strips bacon**(cut into 1/4 inch pieces width wise)

2 yukon gold potatoes(shredded and soaked in water)

3 green onions(Cut very small)

1 ts fresh rosemary

1 cup colby cheese(shredded)

Sour Cream

Sriracha Sauce.

Directions: In a medium-hot oiled pan add your sliced bacon and render the fat. This should take a few minutes. Then add your potatoes, sautéing them in the bacon fat. As your potatoes begin to brown add your eggs and rosemary. As your eggs begin to set, skim off the uncooked eggs from the top and push them into the pan. Then add your shredded cheese and cook until melted. Once you plate this monstrosity add some sriracha sauce, a dollop of sour cream and top with green onions. Please make this only once a year and enjoy, I want my readers to not suffer from heart disease.


*And cholesterol

**Thick cut and smoked bacon. Breakfast sausage or chorizo sausage works well also.