Drinks You Should Know: The Hot Toddy

I love my friend’s kids, they are well behaved, thoughtful, entertaining little bundles of joy. But because I am childless man I have yet to be exposed the gauntlet of germs by which a parent’s immune system is tempered. So after a great weekend of visiting friends with all of my friends with kids my throat began to get scratchy and my nose filled. By this morning I have downgraded my condition from a scratchy throat and the sniffles to a raw throat and a chest cold.*

However, there is a way to make a cold more manageable and fun, the hot toddy. Thought to have been invented in wales or scotland the hot toddy paired scotch whiskey, with hot water or hot milk, lemon and honey to create a phlegm busting, throat soothing, sleep inducing drink that would put you and your cold under the table.

How the hot toddy works is pretty simple. Warm liquid soothes a raw or congested throat. The acidity of the lemon breaks down phlegm as well as a nice hit of Vitamin C. The honey soothes the throat, contains enzymes that break down mucous and promotes melatonin production and thus a deeper sleep. The alcohol is a central nervous system depressant which helps with cough suppression, sleep and a general feeling of awesome.

Of course there now are regional takes on the hot toddy which work for all different climates, regional spirits and ingredients. 

In the american south a hot toddy is made with Bourbon, tea, citrus fruits and cinnamon.

In the American Southwest and Mexico, tequila, citrus juice, cinnamon and other spices.

In Japan there is a cold remedy called Tamagozake which is a mixture of Warm Sake, sugar and a raw egg.**

In india, Chai tea is mixed with scotch whisky and various spices as a cold remedy. 

If you are actually sick there is nothing better than sleep, fluids and chicken soup but if you are actually sick please see a doctor instead of drinking some kind of crazy Japanese sake-nog.


*Though I am free from tummy aches, the poops, pinkeye, and ebola virus.

**You drop a nuclear weapon on a culture and this is what you get. I love you Japan but sometimes you be crazy.