Sports Bites: NFL Week 17 Picks

Week 17 has come, after tomorrow football begins to drop it leaves, and by leaves I mean crappy teams. This is the week where teams are playing for a playoff spot, home field advantage, a better draft pick or just to not get injured. So lets get going here.

Cincy (-3) over Baltimore: Baltimore will continue to show that they are a pretender and Cincy is on a roll that I can’t see stopping. They could be dangerous in the playoffs watch out. Also Andy Dalton’s nickname should be changed to The Ginger Gatling Gun.

NYG (-7) over Philly: The Giants are going to hit their stride this week and Philly is a pile of sad sacks. Mike Vick is starting and Ty Detmer is wishing he still played because the would probably get into the game.

Detroit (+3) over Chicago: Because Detroit can’t do anything right they will win this game and move down the draft board while giving their delusional fans that they are indeed on the right track. Chicago is too beat up to do much in the playoffs anyhow.

Kansas City (-17) over Denver: Denver has a playoff spot and a bye locked up. I can’t see them running it up on KC. Get out in front and let Peyton rest seems to be the smartest move. 17 is a ton of points.

Dallas (+3.5) over Washington: Washington will win this game by a FG and Dallas will make you money. It’s a win/win situation.