By Nicholas V. Nedin

There is a general rule about the efficacy of fighting fire with fire and the CAW has decided to just that by taking protests international.

In a surprise announcement the Canadian Auto Workers have decided on a new strategy for round the clock protests in locations where the big three automakers have settled their previous Canadian production facilities.

“Just because we call ourselves ‘Canadian’ Auto Workers doesn’t mean we cannot have an international footprint,” said CAW president Ken Lewenza via skype from his hotel room in Silao, Mexico,”we have organized a CAW sponsored protest here for tomorrow to show solidarity with our Mexican brothers.” Silao is home to General Motors plants which make such vehicles as the Cadillac Escalade and the little known mexican compact car the Chevrolet Mierda de Toro.

The CAW protest has drawn it’s own protest by citizens of the town of Silao…

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