Host Like A Man: The Antipasto Platter

I’ve decided to start a new series at Braised Blue. It’s geared towards my male readers and the women who want them to put the toilet seat down. It’s simple things that guys can do to make it seem like they can host a real get together or party without the effort and know-how. Or just be able to pitch in when the wife or girlfriend is overwhelmed with the upcoming party.*

When you are having the guys over for football or a fight a plate of cheese, crackers and cold cuts are about as advanced as most guys would be willing to go for finger foods. It’s understandable, cheese/crackers/meat are amazing and simple, but for mixed company a different take on that concept would make you look a little bit more refined.

The antipasto plate is a traditional Italian pre meal** dish consisting a range of meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, pickled vegetables, grilled/roasted vegetables, breads, fish, and many other things. It’s pretty much whatever you want to throw on a platter as long as there is a range of flavours and colours.

The best part of the antipasto platter is you can get most of the items already prepared from the deli area of your grocery store or from your local italian grocery story***. This means you don’t have to grill your own eggplant or roast your own red peppers. These things all come in comically large jars which will keep you in antipasto for years.

So here is what I would have in my antipasto platter as an example.

Melon wrapped with Prosciutto

Grilled Eggplant with balsamic


Genoa Salami

Roasted Red Peppers

Shaved Asiago Cheese

Sweet Pickles

Olives Stuffed with Garlic

Toasted Garlic Crostini

Pretty much all of those things can be found at your local supermarket and quickly put out on a platter for your guests. It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it makes you look like you’ve put a ton of effort into things(which you have not).

*Being able to say, “baby, I got this.” is going to score you so many points it will be crazy.

**Antipasto literally translates to “before the meal”

***Romanos in Amherstburg or Vinny’s in Lasalle for my super local readers.

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