Help Get Braised Blue Into The Black

Over the last year or so Braised Blue has delivered almost 200 original recipes, food articles, wine articles, whisky articles, and photographs to just name a few things. The blog has nearly 10,000 page views since it’s opening in late February of last year, and this month, is trending to do almost 2,000 page views. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your support and readership. So I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Since it’s launch it has always been a goal monetize Braised Blue and parlay it into paid writing jobs. In 2013, barring the world ending, there will be a series of opportunities for you, my readers to help financially support the blog through different avenues. The best part is, you will not come away empty handed or with a crappy tote bag.

Over the past few weeks, I have looked into self publishing a multimedia eRecipeBook, creating an enhanced monthly email newsletter that gives you a more comprehensive wine and whisky buying guide, and a BraisedBlue@Home service where I cater and host a night of wine and food, for you and your friends, at your home.

Today, I have rolled out the first of a series of endeavours to help make this blog profitable, my etsy site. This site will play host to my original photography, which you can purchase for a discounted rate(15%), right now, if you enter the coupon code: “BLUE2BLACK”

So here comes the old timey sales pitch.

That is right folks, I am throwing my hat into the ring with the masses of retired women who crochet tea cozies and preteens who bedazzle headbands. If you like the photography you have seen on this blog, then why not festoon your office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, or rumpus room with a range of shots from all over Canada and The United States. As of right now I have a dozen assorted shots up on the etsy site, but I will be constantly adding new content.


What better time than today, to pick up a few emergency gifts for christmas. You forgot your cousin, your boss, your haberdasher or god forbid mother and you don’t know what to get? Click on the link above(and below) and find them a beautiful photograph and cover your ass. It it that easy people, click, shop, pay, wait for the mail to show up.


Or better yet, shoot me an email with your order, I will give you the “BLUE2BLACK” discount of 15%, I will waive the delivery fee, and I will hand deliver the photo to you if you live in Windsor or Essex County(minimum 3 photos please). How can you beat that? Home delivery right before christmas. A gift of art without getting off your chair. You can even tell your mother-in-law that you took the photo yourself. I am here to make you, and your home look good. So order today!

It’s for email orders otherwise order through the Etsy Site.

Thank you again,

Nicholas V. Nedin