Sports Bites: NFL Week 15 Lines

In a week where we saw Roger Goodell decision on bounty gate over turned by the man he took the job of commissioner from, week 15 is could be a week that really gives us the best possible picture of the playoffs. Down the stretch my picks continue to improve and I feel as though you must want to trust me as your personal NFL picks master. Lets see how I can lose your confidence this week. Also totally off topic. You know that Detroit has no respect from Vegas when they play a team that took a 58-0 beating Seattle and they don’t even get double digit points. I think it’s an ok bet to lay on the Lions but I also think they could lose this game.

Green Bay (-3) over Chicago:

Green Bay’s offence is clicking and their defence is playing really well. Chicago is dinged up, Urlacher is out, and Peppers has been slow all year. I just don’t see the bears keeping up with the Packers in this one.

Washington (-3) over Cleveland:

Cleveland is really a good team who wears the clothes of a really bad team. Washington is on fire and RG3 is about as good as a rookie can be(not named Luck) I think Washington pulls this one out but it’s going to be close.

Denver (-3) over Baltimore

Baltimore is a pretender who keeps getting way more respect than they deserve. If Joe Flacco could make a facial expression it would be fear because Von Miller is going to do nasty things to him. Ray Lewis is still out, Suggs is playing one handed, and god forbid they get the ball to Ray Rice. Peyton Manning rolls the ravens like a bunch of suckers today.

Indy (+10) over Houston:

Houston was embarrassed by New England six days ago and Indy is good enough now that I can’t see them losing by more than a score. Take the points and run away giggling when Luck back door covers.

Pittsburg (-1) over Dallas:

Another week for Big Ben to gel with his teammates after being out for four weeks. Another chance for Tony Romo to make a game’s worth of bad decisions. Another chance for us to say, “how does anyone with the surname Ryan work in the NFL.”