Sports Bites: NFL Week 14 Picks

I have yet to go through my season picks to see where I stand. But the last 6 weeks or so has been much to successful for me to continue to make fun of how bad I am. I would like to upgrade my NFL game picking prowess to remarkably average. With that, here is my week 14 picks.

Washington (-3) over Baltimore: Baltimore is a pretender with a good record. They are without Ray Lewis, without Suggs and Joe Flacco seems to be shell shocked by his lack of protection. RG3 is going to run roughshot all over Baltimore who is also a week off a slugfest with Pittsburg.

Chicago (-3) over Minnesota: Chicago isn’t a great team but they could do some serious damage to Christian Ponder with the cover 2. I love Chi-town in this one.

Carolina (+3) over Atlanta: I feel like Atlanta has a few crappy losses in them now that they have more or less locked up their division. Cam Newton is great when his team is out of it. Back door cover time.

Dallas (+3) over Cincinnati: Dallas has the death of a teammate factor going on. Remember last weekend people. Plus Cinci doesn’t run away with games. Back door cover.

New York Giants (-4) over New Orleans: New York is going to put a ton of pressure on Breese. It’s going to be an ugly game with tons of turnovers but the Giants will prevail.