Sports Bites: NFL Week 13 Picks

After a couple come back weeks I am feeling confident in my ability to pick games again so be warned that this house of cards will come crashing down. This week is goofy in that 10 teams have long rest because of bye weeks and thursday games. Coming into the end of the season that is in my opinion a big advantage. So here goes inaccuracy.

Chicago (-3) over Seattle: Seattle loses two of their best Corners and they are on the road. This spells big trouble for the Starbucks.* Seattle depends on their big corners in press coverage to create the pressure they need to shut teams down. This no longer will happen and Cutler will tear them to shreds.

San Francisco (-7.5) over St Louis: I like the Rams, they are a scrappy team, and Jeff Fisher has made them much better. This said, San Fran’s pass rush may kill Sam Bradford tomorrow. And the Colin Kapernick era means a higher powered offence. Sorry Alex Smith, you will probabaly get to tell people you told them so at some point but for now I will take Frisco and the points.

Carolina (3) over KC: Carolina is on a bit of a roll, KC is the worst team in football and Vegas has KC going off at even money. They are begging the public to lay on KC. Don’t be fooled, they are going to lose. Cam Newton is great against bad teams.

Tampa Bay (+7) over Denver: Denver is a tough place to play, nobody can doubt that fact. But Tampa Bay is frisky and I just cannot see they losing by 7 to a Denver team that already has it’s division locked up. Denver may win this but watch Tampa play the backdoor cover.

Philly (+10) over Dallas: Just when you thought Andy Reid was dead and bloated, he kicks Jason Garrett in the nuts and covers back door. Why is Dallas favoured by 10 against anyone? They can screw up toast. This is a classic case of Vegas playing a public team’s fans like a fiddle. This game begs to be put into a 3 game tease like no other.

BONUS: Georgia (+7.5) over Alabama: Georgia Dome+A shakey Bama offence+Georgia Dome=Put a few shekels on Georgia and thank me tomorrow.


*Yes I am now calling them the Seattle Starbucks. Does that roll off your tongue like it was a platonic form? Yes it does. You can use it free of change.