My latest offering with the Windsor Naysayer. I have a tickle in my throat just thinking about it.


By Nicholas V. Nedin

The absentee rate for employees of the City of Windsor is nearly 40% higher than the provincial average and Amherstburg mayor Wayne Hurst doesn’t want this problem is his back yard.

Hurst has brought a proposal to council to create a sick day arbitration process for town employees. “I feel as though sick days are important, but there is also a potentiality for them to be abused. The system I am proposing, and which I’m sure will pass through my council full of puppets and sycophants, will help us deter employees from abusing their sick days. This is about dollars and cents.”

Hurst’s system will create a board of council members, a local doctor and one of Hurst’s poker buddies from the local legion branch(known for his ability to catch a bluff) to question the ill employee about their symptoms.  The board will come to the…

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