Quick Hits Edition #5: The Bitter Buddha

A new month and a new set of things I like that you should try out for Quick Hits. Today we have a podcast that you will probably turn off by the end of it’s first segment, the twitter feed of a man known as the bitter buddha, a TV show that is over 20 years old and is just as good now as it was then, and a movie about a tween super soldier.

Podcast: Walking The Room w/ Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony

Imagine a huge indian meal laid out on your kitchen table. The smells of the spices, the colours of the curry, the great flavours. You eat, and you eat and you eat, but what you don’t know is that the clarified butter has gone rancid and you have been eating from a bacteria buffet. Now imagine yourself five hours later. That is, Walking The Room. Two comedians comparing their careers, families and lives just all of those things may not be working out as planned. The internet’s only Podcuddle of sadness is Walking The Room. I’d say check it out but I don’t want you to think less of me.

Twitter Feed: @EddiePepitone

Eddie Pepitone is a comedian and actor who is known as the bitter buddha. His twitter feed is a series of tweets about his life, his hypochondria and philosophies on life. They range from flithy to incredibly flithy. He is one of the most respected stand-up comics working today. Also check out his live action webcomic, Puddin’ Strip on Youtube. And on The Longshot Podcast.

Television Show: Twin Peaks

David Lynch is one of my favourites ever since I was introduced to Lost Highway by a friend in high school. Twin Peaks was David Lynch’s foray into television. The surreal, pyscho-comedic murder mystery does an amazing job straddling the line between drama, horror, and comedy. Kyle MacLachlan stars along with a great ensemble of character actors and “that guys” including Michael Ontkean*, Lara Flynn Boyle, James Marshall and Sherlyn Fenn. The show follows the goings on in the offbeat small town of Twin Peaks after the murder of beloved teen Laura Palmer. Last year we saw AMC try to recapture the Twin Peaks mood with “The Killing” and failed horribly. Check out the genuine article on DVD or NetFlix.

Movie: Hanna

Joe Wright has a filmography that may put you to sleep, Atonement, Pride and Prejudice, and The Soloist are three of his five films you may have dosed off during. But there is one exception, Hanna(Saoirse Ronan. In 2011 Joe Wright put all his visual bravura on display in a thriller/twisted fairy tail about a young girl who has been raised away from society by her father(Eric Bana), a government assassin. Hanna is raised to be a killing machine who is tasked to take down a covert operative played by Cate Blanchett. The film is amazingly shot, and the action scenes are beautiful and brutal. The use of sound in the movie also makes for a very interesting movie experience. I can’t recommend Hanna highly enough. Check it out.

* Ned Braden from Slapshot