Sports Bites: NFL Week 10 Picks

With two very good weeks in a row I think I may have hit my handicapping stride. I feel like it’s 2009 and I am winning every week. This means today it will all come crashing down.

Atlanta -2 over New Orleans: Atlanta is getting no respect from Vegas and I know New Orleans is showing some life but I have to take ATL. That offence is going to rack up some big points. Press this game with the over.

San Diego +3 over Tampa Bay: This is a classic, “we’ve lost hope in the Chargers and then they come back with a big win,” which makes us think, “Maybe Norv Turner has some kind of innate ability to fuck up my week of gambling.” Plus CBS just did a feature of Josh Freeman and that never bodes well for a player.

Detroit +3 over Minnesota: I think that Minnesota may win this game but there is value in taking Detroit. I think it’s going to be close because Detroit isn’t big on putting up points in the first half. And Minnesota is going to run the ball down detroit’s throat.

New York Giants -4.5 over Cincinnati: The Giants seem to beat bad teams and lose to good teams. Day is night, night is day and Eli Manning’s head just turned all the way around.

Houston +1 over Chicago: Houston is an interesting team, but I think Lovie Smith will do his best not to show them much just incase they meet in february. The Bears can afford to lose this game for the greater good. Sometimes you need to gambit a game strategically to gain an edge in the future. Smith is cagey enough to follow through on this. Plus Houston’s pass rush is going to smash Cutler into dust.