Sports Bites: NFL Week 9 Picks

After a very solid week 8, I am bursting with undue confidence. I am putting this out a day early because I have a wedding to go to tonight and it’s a pretty good bet that I won’t feel like writing tomorrow. So here it is.

Houston (-10.5) over Buffalo

The Texans are at home against the worst “best” defence in the NFL. Shaub and company are going to light up the bills. If this was a 14 point line, I’d still take Houston. Now if Buffalo was playing out of Toronto that would be a different story. They would still lose but not in embarrassing fashion. That’s right Buffalo. I hate you.

Detroit (-5) over Jacksonville

Jacksonville is pretty terrible and the only thing dumber than Detroit trading for another receiver this week is that Jacksonville traded someone to the team they are playing that week. I wonder if Detroit’s fifth round draft pick is going to give Jacksonville inside info on the inter workings of Detroit’s game plan.

Seattle (-4) over Minnesota

Seattle at home makes me ponder Christian’s fate.

Tampa Bay (+1) over Oakland

Tampa Bay seems pretty steady so far this season. Oakland will beat their selves and Tampa will follow Johnson to victory. Tampa’s D will also make Carson Palmer wish he was under Kimo VanOlhoven.

Atlanta (-4) over Dallas

Atlanta will beat Dallas because Dallas has this Quarterback named Tony Romo who finds new and exciting ways to lose football games. And Atlanta is at home where they seem to run roughshod over everyone.