Sports Bites: NFL Week 8 Picks

Week seven was pretty rough. I am in a pickem pool with my dad that caused me to explode last week. Here is the jist of my explosion. The NFL is a bunch of coin toss games, the refs still suck replacement or not, holding and pass interference are so poorly defined by the NFL they can be called on a whim. All of that said, I continue to pick against the spread at a “not bad” clip.

Atlanta +3 over Philly:

The only way Philly should be favoured in this game is if the game is cancelled and the coaches are pitted against each other in an eating contest. In that case I put everything on Andy Reid. This is assuming that he wouldn’t challenge the choice of chicken wings.

Seattle +3 over Detroit:

Favouring Detroit in any game after monday night is just as bad as favouring Philly. Unless the game is cancelled and Pete Carroll has to compete against Jim Schwartz in who is the biggest wiener.* Matt Stafford has happy feet and Seattle’s pass rush is going to make him look like Jerry Lewis back there.**

Oakland +1 over Kansas City:

Oakland is playing against Brady Quinn, Oakland is playing against Brady Quinn, Oakland is playing against Brady Quinn.

Denver -6.5 over New Orleans:

Peyton is prime time fooled me once. But it won’t fool me again one of the only real home fields in the game will sap the strength of the Saints. Denver’s D is also really tailored to beat a team like New Orleans.

Cleveland +3 over San Diego:

At what point do we notice that Norv Turner is in a wager with the Free Masons to see how many NFL games he can throw away as a head coach. Only a powerful secret society could keep this man in a job for this long.

*Not who has the biggest wiener.

**Hey Mebane